Monday, February 1, 2010


Still Moments Magazine’s readers are predominantly women, which is a reflection of the magazine’s content. Because SMM caters to a specific target audience, it opens up countless opportunities to enhance your products, services, and sales.

Why advertise with Still Moments Magazine/blog? Magazines/blogs are known as potential promotional vehicles adding improved quality branding that adds greater value to your products. Having your promotional material appearing on Still Moments Magazine can give you greater visibility, help you build your own promotional lists, drive traffic to your web site, reach target buyers, and maximize your exposure both online and offline. Another advantage is that magazine readership is loyal and long lasting. With previous paper and e-zine circulation, SMM developed a loyal following that is unparalleled. If you want to communicate directly with the female market, there is no better place than Still Moments Magazine.

Don’t be overwhelmed with thoughts of promoting your product! Stay within budget and still get an eye-catching glossy advertisement!

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