Friday, February 12, 2010

Between The Pages - Issue 12

Between The Pages - Book Review

Easy On The Eyes by Jane Porter

At 38, Tiana Tomlinson has made it. America adores her as one of the anchors of America Tonight, a top-rated nightly entertainment and news program. And in a business that thrives on youth, Tiana is getting the message that her age is starting to show and certain measures must be taken if she wants to remain in the spotlight. But a trip away from the Hollywood madness has consequences that could affect the rest of her life.

Review: Jane Porter has another hit on her hands with Marta’s (from Odd Mom Out) friend, Tiana. Tiana is dealing with age, beauty, and insecurity; she’s peeked in her career and now feels the pressure of the younger generation at her heels. Jane touched on a real issue that many ‘older’ women feel today. Tiana is also a widow, which has you pulling for her as she struggles alone to stay on top. Even before Tiana connects with her love interest, I was rooting for these two from their first scene together. Their chemistry was undeniable. I also like when a story surprises you with a twist and in this case, when Tiana is alone in the cafĂ©…all I can say is ‘wow, I didn’t see that coming’…and neither did Tiana. The scenes of Tiana’s trip to Africa are indeed touching. The only downside to this story is that I found a few descriptive scenes dragging and I found myself skimming over a paragraph or two in order to move on.

Between the Pages of this book was a great read and it also gives a sneak peek on Tiana and Marta’s friend, Shey. I can’t wait to read what Jane has in store for Shey in She’s Gone County due out August 2010.

4/5 stars

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