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The Author's Den - Nicola Marsh

Being a journalist and traveling the world was Nicola Marsh’s dream. After a 13-year career in the health industry as a physiotherapist, Nicola said “I'm going to write a book one day" and she did. Her first novel, The Tycoon’s Dating Deal, a Harlequin Romance, sold in May 2003. Nicola currently writes for Harlequin Mills and Boon Romance and Modern Heat/Presents series, and has recently published her 23rd book.

With several books due for release this year, Nicola is definitely a busy woman. She resides in Melbourne, Australia where you can find her raising her two little boys, working on her next novel, cheering on her beloved North Melbourne Kangaroos football team, and curling up with a good book!

Welcome, Nicola, to Still Moments Magazine!
SMM: Tell us a little more about yourself and how you began your writing career.

NM: I loved my work as a physiotherapist but writing a book had always been a dream. After I had a car accident, which seriously curtailed my ability to do manual physiotherapy work, I decided to pursue a full time writing career. Luckily, it didn’t take me long to get published and now, I have my dream job!

SMM: Who in your life has been the most influential in your journey toward being an author?

NM: My husband has had faith in me from day one. He’s my biggest supporter and my biggest fan. Must make him my official PR manager one day…

SMM: You must be delighted with your line-up of releases this year, starting with Marriage: For Business or Pleasure released in February, The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance with your story Tag Team in March, Three Times A Bridesmaid and Overtime In The Boss’s Bed in May, Destination: Summer Weddings featuring a reprint of A Trip With the Tycoon in June, Deserted Island, Dreamy Ex! in September, and Wild Nights With Her Wicked Boss in December. Wow! With two small boys, how do you manage to write so many books and maintain a regular family life?

NM: I don’t sleep much! I love spending time with my kids so I work at night, when they’re asleep. I figure it’s only until the youngest is at school in another few years so until then, I’ll be tired! I also don’t work on Sundays at all, as that’s our designated family day when we always do something special together. It’s a real treat.

SMM: Describe what’s it’s like to live in Australia.

NM: They don’t call in the lucky country for nothing! Australia is beautiful, with every town and city having a charm all its own. The people are friendly, laid-back and the men, rugged and handsome!

SMM: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

NM: Might be clichéd but I adore reading. I could easily spend all day curled up with a book. Once I’m absorbed by a story, I hate putting the book down.

SMM: When writing, do you have a particular routine you like to follow?

NM: I used to be a plotter but these days, like to write a brief 2-3 page outline of a story before just diving in. The characters reveal themselves to me as I write the story.

SMM: Is there anything you find challenging in your writing?

NM: Juggling the promotional stuff. While I enjoy blogging and being on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, it can be a time suck. I limit my time on each so it doesn’t interfere with my writing.

SMM: You were part of a publication titled, Sizzle, Seduce & Simmer by Mira Books. Can you tell us about it and where we can find it?

NM: There are several romance writers in Melbourne and we regularly meet for lunch. The book came about via one of these lunches and once other author friends were invited to join in, the book grew to magical proportions. The book features a short story and recipe from each author in the anthology, so it’s a fabulous read plus a cookbook in one! Still available online!

SMM: Is there anything else you’d like to add and where can we learn more about you.

NM: I blog daily about life, craft, my work in progress and hot heroes.
You can learn plenty about me from there!

Original interview was postponed for publishing due to the magazine's summer hiatus.

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