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Desperate Bid

Desperate Bid by Stephanie Cage
The Wild Rose Press
June 2010

Sarah is looking for a way to please a difficult boss. Alex is looking for a new life. In a moment of drunken madness, Alex puts his life up for sale on an online auction site. When Sarah’s work team places the winning bid, it might be the solution to all their problems… or just the start of a whole new set of difficulties.
Can the growing attraction between Sarah and Alex survive the strange situation in which they find themselves… not to mention pressure from scheming colleagues, jealous friends and reawakened ambitions which threaten to take them in unexpected directions?

Desperate Bid Excerpt:
After a moment, Sarah realised she was still half-heartedly patting her hands together even though the applause had stopped. She abruptly stopped and pretended to be reaching for a hanky instead. When she looked up, the guy in the tan jacket was looking at her with an amused expression. For a moment she felt something flicker between them, and a warmth kindled inside her that she hadn’t felt since…since meeting Neil? No, there hadn’t been this kind of spark at their first meeting, and if she’d thought she found it afterwards, maybe she was kidding herself. This was different, an instant, smouldering attraction like a fuse running between their two bodies, dancing and leaping through the crowd.

Do you feel it, too? she wanted to ask him, but she hardly dared to believe he might. His eyes were on her, true, but then she’d still been clapping long after the rest of the crowd had stopped. She risked a small, awkward shrug, acknowledging her silliness, then looked away, embarrassed, as he grinned back.

Oh, for heaven’s sake, Sarah scolded herself as the pounding intro to the next song began. Since when do you fantasise over random guys who walk into pubs? A few weeks alone and you’re acting like a schoolgirl.

She hoped Gillian hadn’t noticed her daydreaming. If she had, she’d probably think it was about Neil. Sarah wasn’t sure if that was better or worse than the truth.

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