Thursday, January 6, 2011

Room 11

ROOM 11 by Dawne Prochilo
Secret Cravings Publishing
February 2, 2011

Romance novelist Paige Sinclair has always had a crush on her old high school classmate, Rob. So decades later they meet by chance through a social network website. They decide to meet up for a no-strings attached day of sex in a motel room. These are the kinds of fantasies Paige writes for a living. She never expected to live one herself...let alone with Rob. After a day of romping in the proverbial hay, confessions are exposed. Can they duo survive the truth?

Room 11 Excerpt:
Friends with benefits...sexual benefits...but no commitment.
The ultimate relationship.
They decided to meet. So here she was, sitting in a grimy gas station parking lot fifty miles from home, scared beyond belief. Glancing at the customers pumping gas and buying drinks inside Paige realized everyone appeared normal. Everyone but her.
Taking another deep breath, it was almost ready to pull away, travel the two miles to the franchise motel they'd agreed upon when her cell phone vibrated. Looking at the screen displaying his name a smile developed on her face.

Every time his name graced the screen of her cellphone, she smiled. Moisture formed in her thong every time his name appeared on the screen. When the sexting started there was no controlling her urges .
“Yeah, thongs are not absorbent at all.”
Reaching over, flipping open her phone his voice came across saying he was at the motel, waiting in the room.

Author Bio - Dawne Prochilo has two books, Crape Myrtle and On Her Own, currently available through amazon. She has three novels, Room 11, Rachel's Desire and When We Meet Again, being released in early 2011 through Secret Cravings Publishing. She is the Administrative Editor of the WM Freelance Writers Connection, an assistant editor at the WM Review Connection, a freelance newspaper writer and an online journalist, writing for

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