Friday, February 4, 2011


by Donna McIntosh
Secret Cravings Publishing
February 23, 2011

Years ago four friends went through the L.A.P.D police academy together; Daniel Mathews, Christopher Reid, Sean Kelly, and J.J. (as in Jennifer Joan) Kent. Daniel was the oldest and had the most experience and made Captain by the time he was 45. He managed to pull in a few favors and got his three friends transferred into his unit. All went well until the day Detective Christopher Reid disappeared only to resurface a short time later on the other side of the law – a renegade!

When the Alien invasion came, everyone was caught off guard and the four of them were scattered across the U.S. Daniel was taking it easy at his cabin in the hills a few hours drive out of L.A., J.J. was in Canada and Sean was in Massachusetts. No one had any idea where Chris was.

The Aliens killed off every law man, and person in authority they could find and imprisoned everyone else. All hope was lost until a small band of people found a hidden valley and set up a refuge. They made forays into the prison camps across the country and brought out people that were needed to help set up their little colony. This group was led by none other than Christopher Reid.

Chris scours the prisoner lists that come in, desperately seeking his three old friends. Can he find them? Did they escape the initial purge? Will he get a second chance with Daniel and be able to prove himself worthy to be loved?

SURVIVAL is their story.

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