Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Cover Contest - Entry #7

Entry #7
Night Prey
By Tara Nina
Tag Line: "As black panther or man, Alessandro intimidates all who cross his path. Except Rose, who's heart is set on Alessandro as her mate."
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Cindy Duprey said...

I like this one!

janspringer said...

Great cover! This is my pic. :-)


Margie said...

Super cover. Love it!

Mannouchka said...

Dear Tara,
I really like the cover the e-book seem very interesting
Have a nice evening

Anonymous said...

I vote for this one. Love the cats in the background.

Irene said...

Wow. That's H O T!!!

Lynn LaFleur said...

I *love* this cover! Very eye-catching.


Cris Anson said...

Love the cover and love Tara Nina.

C.H. Admirand said...

I love this cover! Great story, too!!
Good luck, Tara.;)

C.H. Admirand

Anonymous said...

LOVE this cover! It so beats out all the others.

Tara Nina said...

It's my favorite cover ever!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this one.