Thursday, April 21, 2011

Between The Pages - Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle

Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle
By: Donna Alward
Harlequin Romance
February 2011

Back Cover: After a hard day's ranching, Wyatt Black wants to kick back with a cold beer. But when he steps onto his porch, he has unexpected company—his tiny abandoned niece! Against her better judgment, Wyatt's neighbor Elli Marchuk agrees to help him for a few days. Elli soon falls in love with baby Darcy, but it's the child's grouchy, gorgeous protector who's got her head over heels...

This emotional story is about two people trying to heal from issues in their pasts, who are brought together by a baby. The baby plays a huge role in this story, and while some may not prefer this, I found the baby a touching part of the scenes. Donna’s wonderful descriptive voice had me ‘seeing’ the baby abandoned on the porch and in Wyatt’s strong arms.

Between The Pages of this book is a traditional love story…a warm and tender romance.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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