Thursday, June 2, 2011

Between The Pages - Tempted By Trouble

Tempted By Trouble
By Liz Fielding
June 2011

T is for ...Trouble?
Elle Amery has grown up a fighter—her late mother's bad-boy-loving reputation was not the best inheritance….
So when smooth-talking Sean McElroy turns up with a pink-and-white ice cream van called Rosie that's apparently hers, Elle tries to ignore the traitorous flicker of attraction!
Or the Time of their lives?
Family-oriented Elle is the last girl Sean should want, but as they embark on a journey filled with unexpected twists, these two misfits may discover they are the perfect fit for each other!

Liz Fielding is one of my top five favourite authors, so I've come to expect a lot from her stories. Did Tempted By Trouble meet my expectations? It did, and then some.

This novel draws you in with it’s striking (UK Riva) cover, and keeps you turning the pages, enjoying every new chapter heading with a delicious quote from ‘Rosie’s Diary’. Elle is an independent heroine, taking care of her family, and Sean is an irresistible hero. They aren’t looking for love, but Rosie, brings Elle and Sean together. There’s a line in the story I think says it all. “They’d been good for each other. Each challenging the other’s fear and bring out something shining and new.” The only thing I felt was missing from the story, was a reunion scene between Elle and her uncle.

Between The Pages of this story you’ll find a tender romance filled with emotion and temptation. And by the end of the story you’re sure to be craving a big bowl of ice cream!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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