Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July E-News: A Witch's Legacy

A Witch’s Legacy

The darkness was born in ancient times, when druid magic ran deep in family bloodlines. Fighting a deadly battle on a cliff top high above the raging sea, Seabhac hovers on the point of death. With a final thrust of magic, he escapes to Avalon where he passes the essence of his magical knowledge to his apprentice, Ainevar. Driven to protect the endangered druid magic, Ainevar flees Seabhac’s attacker and begins a course of events that wind through history and take root in modern day Salem.

A true New Yorker, it took a hefty bribe to make Cassandra agree to decorate her brother’s new house. Especially since it’s located in Salem and Cassandra has an aversion to magic. Her arrival in town embroils Cassandra in ritual murders, latent powers gone awry, and Salem’s attractive police chief, Samson, who harbours his own history of magic, curses, and deadly secrets.

Past and present collide as the legacy of evil that has stalked Salem for centuries, returns with a vengeance.

About The Author:
Catherine Anne Collins writes books that focus on myths, legends, romance, and fantasy. After daydreaming her way through her school years, she decided it would probably be a good idea to put her imagination to work and write books. Currently, she has 5 published novels. Her first novel, Sword Across Time, garnered great reviews with comparisons between her writing style and that of Marion Zimmer Bradley and Mary Stewart. Her next two novels, The Crystal of Light and A Witch's Lament, finaled in the Next Generation 2009 Independent Book Publishers Awards, with A Witch's Lament finaling in two categories. Solitary Cove and A Witch’s Legacy, sequel to A Witch’s Lament, are now available as well. You can find Catherine on her 50-acre farm playing with her barnyard full of animals and writing her next novel. You can find information on her books and photos of her animals on her website:

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