Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Between The Pages - Wild Justice

Wild Justice
By Liz Fielding Riva
April 2011

Betrayed by a lover, her career in ruins, Fizz Beaumont devotes all her energy to restoring Broomhill Bay pier, using the old theatre as the home for the radio station that is her life.

The arrival of tycoon Luke Devlin, who has taken over her major sponsor, threatens not just her radio station but offers her a lesson in passion which promises to set the skies ablaze.

Between The Pages of this story is a romance filled with a good plot of revenge. The characters are real and the storyline is engaging. Liz Fielding has a unique writing talent of transporting her readers into the setting of her novels. I look forward to reading the remaining books in this trilogy, Wild Lady and Wild Fire.

Review Rating: 4 Stars

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