Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Between The Pages - Flirting with Italian

Flirting With Italian
By Liz Fielding
November 2011

     Bag: packed. Flight: booked. Soon I'll be in Rome and experiencing life in a foreign language! Watch this space…
     Newly single Sarah Gratton is determined to enjoy her holiday—could a just-for-fun romance with dark-eyed Matteo di Serrone be the answer? This Italian count is ideal flirting material—if Sarah's brave enough to make a move!
     Well, she might not be—but luckily Matteo is! Matteo decides to keep this mysterious woman close—no hardship at all, given their spine-tingling awareness of each other…
     It's like something out of a fairy tale—until Sarah realizes she's made the most rookie mistake of all: falling in love with her holiday fling….

Between The Pages of this story is a sexy romance, with an engaging plot. This emotional rollercoaster also contained a sub-plot about Sarah’s great grandfather. I found the ending a bit quick and the heroine’s blog notes were sometimes an intrusion to the read. Overall, I enjoyed the story’s twists and turns that kept me guessing along the way.

Review Rating: 4 Stars

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