Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Between The Pages - The Last Woman He'd Ever Date

The Last Woman He’d Ever Date
By Liz Fielding
July 2012

     Claire Thackeray: Hardworking single mom and gossip columnist. Hoping for the inside scoop on sexy billionaire Hal North, aka her teen crush Most wary of: Gorgeous men who set her heart racing. (Been there, got the T-shirt--and the baby )
     Hal North: Bad boy made good. Back in his hometown as new owner of the Cranbrook Park estate. Determined to put his troubled past behind him.
     Most wary of: Journalists--especially pretty ones, like new neighbor and tenant Claire Thackeray.

Between The Pages of this story is a beautiful love story with a splash of humor. A smooth plot and charming characters with wit and sizzle that have you wanting more. A perfect summer read that will draw you in from the first page.

Review Rating: 4.5 Stars

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