Monday, September 24, 2012

Book Promo - Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Always a Bride by Darlene Henderson
Alex has walked down the aisle a hundred times in as many wedding dresses, she is “Always a Bride” but somehow she's still single. When her high school sweetheart, Harvey shows up will Alex’s walk down the aisle finally end at an altar?

Sleepless in St. Lucia by Denise Moncrief
Elise Cameron thinks the hardest thing she’ll ever have to do is watch her best friend, Trish, marry the man of Elise’s dreams. When her high school crush, Ryan Morgan, shows up at Trish’s wedding to be the best man, Elise and Ryan have to confront some old misunderstandings to find their own happily ever after.

The Ring Toss by Liv Rancourt
A last minute switch lands Mack in a long white dress, but can she commit?

An Island Wedding by Tudor Robins
When Jessa’s best friend calls off her wedding at the last moment will it be a case of “nearly a bridesmaid, never a bride?” Or will Jessa manage to stop worrying about other people’s weddings long enough to land her own true love?

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