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Between The Pages - Special Delivery

Special Delivery
By Gini Rifkin
Wild Rose Press
May 2012

Clover City, Colorado--1888
A mysterious letter and the drop-dead handsome town marshal, are the last things Mariah expects to find making rounds as a midwife.
Mariah McAllister plans to be married before her next birthday. Too bad Marshal Virgil Kincaid barely knows she's alive. Not one to give up easily, she's determined to show him she has an abiding passion for more than her work.
Virgil Kincaid loved a woman once--after she broke his heart, he spent three years in prison. Women can't be trusted, no matter how good they look. He's sworn off relationships in favor of Saturday night poker games. Life is simple--the way he wants it…until a stranger turns up dead in the road.
Forced to work side by side with Mariah, Virgil begins to wonder if she might be his second chance at love. As they trade kisses and oh so much more, he's willing to take the gamble. But when a killer threatens their once peaceful town, all bets are off.

Between The Pages
I love cowboy stories no matter what time period they are set in. There’s just something about a cowboy…sexiness, handsome good looks or even his natural, go with the flow attitude maybe? Well whatever it is, Virgil Kincaid, the cowboy in Special Delivery was one of those. 
In this story set in Colorado in 1888, we meet the hero Virgil Kincaid who after a few too many years brushing with the law and paying his dues, is now the town Marshall of Clover City Colorado.
A quiet place where hardly anything ever happens unless it’s a brawl at the saloon over a game of cards.
Over an apparent murder on the outskirts of town, the Marshall is thrown into an investigation in which the heroine is right in the dead middle of. (No pun intended).
Here is where our heroine Miss Mariah McAllister enters. She is the daughter of Doc McAllister, the only doctor in town and she unnerves the Marshall at every turn. 
She’s extremely independent, self-sufficient and don’t forget head strong. She’s very focused on her soon-to-be expecting patient but just can’t stay out of the murder investigation for the British man she found outside of town.
The chemistry between these two excellent characters is riveting and has the perfect makings for a romance. Trust me I could go on and on but what fun would that be for you? Believe me when I say you won’t want to miss finding out what happens to these two in this once sleepy, little 1888 Colorado town.  I’m sure glad I did !!

Review Rating: 5 Stars

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