Friday, January 18, 2013

Guilty Pleasures - Jennifer Daiker

An Interview with Jennifer Daiker

What fast food item do you adore?
I’m a cheat I love a Wendy’s frost with French fries. Ice cream and French fries are the ultimate treat!!

Fuzzy or tube socks?
Long stripped fuzzy socks.

Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Dogs or cats?
Cats (dos)
Pen and paper to write or a computer?
Pen and paper!
Ereader or paper back?
Paper back. The smell is divine!!!
Bubble bath or shower?
Bubble bath!!!

Chick flicks or action movies?
Christmas love stories!!!

Hot dogs or hamburgers?
How about one of each?
Cowboy boots or sneakers?
Sneakers… with funky designs
Flats or stiletto shoes?
Flats… with funk designs
Boxers or briefs on a man?
Boxer briefs

Beard or clean shaven man?
Depends on the season ;)

Favourite place to vacation?
The Wizarding World in Florida
Favourite drink from the bar?
Fuzzy Navel
Favourite article of clothing?
Coca-Cola shirt I wear every Friday.
Favourite time of day?
2 pm when you know the work day is almost over!
Favourite season?
Fall, the leaves falling is so majestic and romantic
Favourite television show?
Spy (only on Hulu)
Favourite movie you’ve watched more than once?
Stealing Christmas (Tony Danzy and Lea Thompson are rockstars!)
Favourite actor?
Emma Stone
Favourite song you listen to over and over again?
The Swell Season
Favourite candy your sweet-tooth craves?
Chewy Sweet tarts
What books might we find on your bedside table?
What would your first thought be if you won a lottery?
YES! I finally get the pool I want!!

Jennifer Daiker:
"I am a twenty-six year old child progidy…ahem, I mean, I am a quirky soul who loves to eat coleslaw and mac and cheese for dinner, and watch entirely too many Christmas movies."

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