Monday, January 14, 2013

Laura's Lair - December 2012

I will admit, I jumped on the Fifty Shades of Grey bandwagon. I think I read all three books in a span of three days. I couldn’t help myself. There was something about this story that sucked me in.

I’m not here to debate whether or not these are good books. I know among the romance/erotica community, authors have some very strong opinions about how they are written and the characters. I have my own thoughts on those topics, but all that aside, I think the popularity of these books has done some fabulous things for the romance genre in general.

I personally think there has been worse ‘smut’ out there than Fifty Shades, but with the popularity of these books, women now seem to be more open about the fact that they enjoy these risqué books. They are discussing romance books and erotica, and sharing it with their friends.

Why do I think these books are popular? Despite women wanting to be independent, there is some basic, primal need that many women want to have a man take care of them and love them. And who wouldn’t like someone that seems to have infinite amounts of money for travel and gifts, and whatever their heart desires?

Say what you want about these books, the first book in the trilogy has been on the New York Times Best Seller list for thirty-eight weeks. That tells me that E.L. James has struck a chord with women with this book.

Have you read these? What are your thoughts?

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