Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Between the Pages - Anything But Vanilla

Anything But Vanilla
By Liz Fielding
May 2013

Even more tempting than ice cream!

Sorrel Amery is determined to make her summer event the talk of the town, and she knows just the way into people's hearts—champagne sorbet! It's the perfect strategy… Until the ice cream parlor's owner runs off, leaving Sorrel's plans melting faster than a sundae in the summer sun.

All Sorrel wants is to get back into her comfort zone, but when the gorgeous Alexander West arrives to help pick up the pieces her life gets shaken up more than ever before! Especially as this globe-trotting adventurer is determined that nothing in Sorrel's life should ever be boring old vanilla again…

Between the Pages of this story is a mouthwatering read that will have you running to the freezer for a bowl of flavoured ice cream! This title is the second in the Amery sisters series. As in the first title, the second includes enjoyable quotes from Rosie’s Little Book of Ice Cream at the beginning of each chapter. The only downside to this story was, I found the    initial scene seemed to continue through the first   several chapters. I wanted Sorrel and Alexander to get out of the shop and start interacting. The scene at the catering event was humorous and fun to read. The ending was priceless, filled with so much emotion that will bring a tear to your eye. I can’t wait to read the next sister’s story!

Rating: 4 Stars

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