Monday, March 31, 2014

Between The Pages - For His Eyes Only

For His Eyes Only 
By Liz Fielding
March 2014

"It's your body that I want to draw, not your clothes." 

Well, that's what she was afraid of! Hardworking estate agent Natasha Gordon finds her reputation in tatters when an ad she created gets bungled. She'll do anything to restore her good name—even beg seriously sexy artist Darius Hadley to give her another chance to sell his ancestral home. Only, he drives a hard bargain: Natasha must pose naked, for his eyes only…! 

He's asking Natasha to take him on trust. But she's learned the hard way not to trust men—particularly those she's working with…and let alone men she's taking her clothes off for! 

Darius's next outrageous statement? "I will, too—if it will make it easier for you.…" 

Between The Pages 
A must read romance with sizzling heat. The attraction between Natasha and Darius is sexy and passionate. The author’s descriptive voice has you seeing the hero’s sculptures, drawings, and his ancestral home. Natasha and Darius both have complex pasts, which unleashes the emotional and engaging story line.

4 Stars

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