Friday, March 14, 2014

Between The Pages - Starstruck in Seattle

Starstruck in Seattle 
By Juliet Madison
October 2013

A sparkling story from the Queen of Ro-magic comedy!

Aspiring actress Anna Hilford might only have a small role in a leading television drama, but she longs to be dreamboat Karl Drake’s leading lady. Sick of being loveless and overlooked, Anna seeks the help of intuitive love coach, Lulu, from to give her the courage and determination to follow her destiny.

But fate has different ideas, Lulu has undisclosed power, and Anna is about to realise that life happens while you’re busy making plans…

Between The Pages 
A short story, but thoroughly entertaining. This sweet romance will have you laughing out loud as Lulu, the love angel, tries to connect Anna with her true love. Lulu was a great addition to this story with her unique magical techniques. You’ll root for Anna to find love and you’ll yell a her when she’s heading in the wrong direction. A delightful read and an beautiful cover.

4 Stars

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