Monday, April 28, 2014

Between The Pages - Stolen Kiss From a Prince

Stolen Kiss From a Prince
By Teresa Carpenter
April 2014

When royal duty calls… 

Charged with the care of the newly orphaned heir to the Kardana throne, nanny Katrina Vicente finds herself faced with an even more formidable task—working alongside the boy's uncle, the devastatingly handsome Prince Julian, the prince regent. 

Desperate to keep the secrets of her past under lock and key, getting involved with a prince is the last thing Katrina needs, particularly with the world watching. But it's hard to ignore their instant chemistry—especially after one stolen kiss! Could her royal assignment be about to transform into the most magical of fairy tales?

Between The Pages 
The arrogant prince who meets his match with the no-nonsense nanny…this touching romance is an emotional ride of a forbidden royal relationship. Likeable characters you’ll root for as they care for the prince’s adorable nephew. This is an enjoyable story line that will hold you captive to the end.

4.5 Stars

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Teresa Carpenter said...

Thanks for the lovely review.

It's fun creating my own country. I'd love to travel to Europe someday. Question for the readers, where would you like to travel?