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ICYMI - Between The Pages ~ Live with Catherine Lanigan (PT2)

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Between The Pages 
Live with Catherine Lanigan 
April 05, 2017 on our Facebook Page 
(Part Two)

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Catherine, let’s chat about your new release, Protecting The Single Mom. Please share with us the back cover blurb. 
Catherine Lanigan Getting involved shouldn't be this dangerous… Cate Sullivan is no damsel in distress. She's kept herself and her son safe for six long years. Built a good life in Indian Lake. But now that her drug-dealing ex-husband is moving his operation here, that life is about to explode. Her instincts tell her to trust Detective Trent Davis. That he's more than just a handsome cop doing his duty. The former Green Beret has even formed a fast bond with her son. But there's something he's not telling her. Some darkness that keeps him from giving in to the feelings she knows are growing between them. Cate trusts Trent to keep her safe, but the real question is whether he'll trust himself with her heart.

Protecting The Single Mom is part of your Shores of Indian Lake series. Where did the inspiration for this series come from, and where will it take the reader?
Catherine Lanigan The inspiration from the series was right after 50 Shades of Grey came out. In my heart I knew that the pendulum would swing the other way. WAY the other way. Heartwarming wasn’t even on the map yet, but was just starting. I spent a year devising stories, the town, characters, who the heart of it all would be, and of course, that’s when I came face to face with the seemingly eccentric Mrs. Beabots. Her name, by the way, is real. There was a real Mrs. Beabots in my life (pronounced BEAH BOTS). She was a friend of my grandmother’s back in the early sixties who came every Friday and picked up my grandmother and they would go off to the hairdressers and get their hair done for the weekend. They had a “blue” rinse put in their hair. But for Mrs. Beabots, I wanted her more chic with her chin length “bob”. The “Proposal” was over 500 pages. Not that I sent that to anyone, it was my blue print. I had over a dozen male characters and a dozen female characters. Then I created at least a dozen “supporting characters” who were part of the town, but would not have their own story. The dog groomer, Grandy; the owner of the marina, Redbeard and his wife, Julie. Folks like that. I drew maps of the town, laid out the streets, my husband wasn’t sure what had possessed me, but I was on a mission. For this book, PROTECTING THE SINGLE MOM…there are a couple inspirations. The first is Cate, the heroine. I was working on another Indian Lake story at my computer and in my mind’s eye, I “saw” Cate standing next to my desk. She leaned down and said, “I’m living a lie. I’m not who I seem.” I stopped writing , started a new document and let Cate’s story flow. And flow, it did. Secondly, is the background of domestic abuse that Cate comes from. Years ago I did a lot of work for MIRA to publicize this new line of women’s fiction about strong women and their challenges. The toughest challenges are those who must leave their home, take their children and start over because their husband beats them. My agent and I devised a contest for these EVOLVING WOMEN and over time, we were shocked at the number of faxes and letters that flooded my agent’s office. We compiled the best ones and HCI printed those real stories in a book, “THE EVOLVING WOMAN: True Confessions of Surviving Mr. Wrong.” On March 24th I wrote an extensive blog for about this issue and I urge any of your readers who have an abused friend or family member to go to the blog and read it. There IS help. Every state in the US has a Domestic Violence Hotline. My Evolving Woman book is still available from HCI and can be purchased on Amazon. There is a list of all the hotlines in the country as well as vital information for those in crisis.
Still Moments Magazine  This is such a wonderful story. I always enjoy visiting this town and Cate's story was interesting. The scenes with her son were so emotional.
Catherine Lanigan Thank you, Darlene. When I write children, they are always bits and pieces of my adorable, wonderful son, Ryan, who grew to be one of the finest human beings I have had the privilege to know in my lifetime.
Still Moments Magazine Those good looks of yours runs in your family.
Catherine Lanigan Yeah, my kid. Movie star handsome. Yes?
Still Moments Magazine you did good.
Phyllis Rae Uzelac If you are a writer or an inspiring author....You need to read some of Catherine's books to see what it is to know your characters and believe in them.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading the last five books from this series and I enjoyed each and every one. You’ve created a quaint small town setting and the characters in this series are so compelling, each with their own unique personality. How do you keep coming up with new characters to capture the reader’s interest? And will we learn even more about the captivating yet mysterious Mrs. Beabots? 
Catherine Lanigan At the end of the series, there will be an historical story about Mrs. Beabots when she was young in the 1960’s in Paris, when she knew and worked for Chanel. When I first devised the series, I started out knowing I wanted to create 26 books in this series. I had a list of nearly that many characters. Some of the stories, so far are not where they need to be for Heartwarming, but I’m working on it. Some of the characters come to me like Cate did. Many I see in dreams. Some I brainstorm with my agent and the story lines I brainstorm with my genius editor Claire Caldwell. For me, the characters have to be “alive” and want to tell me their story. If it’s not their “time” then I move on to someone else who is urging me to get to the computer. I know, it makes me sound like I’m nuts, but that’s how it is with me. A little flaky, but always gives me goosebumps. I love that!
Still Moments Magazine  I love Mrs. Beabots and can't wait to read her story!
Still Moments Magazine Mrs. Beabots a key character that ties the town and characters together.
Catherine Lanigan She is the anchor of Indian Lake and so real to me.
Catherine Lanigan I love that though she's 80 she acts like 35 and yet is very, very wise.
Still Moments Magazine Each character is unique, but she is a darling. She has lots of spunk.

Protecting The Single Mom was a special story for you to write, as was Sophie’s Path, both touching on real-life abuses. How difficult is it to add non-fictional elements into a romance? 
Catherine Lanigan For me, using real life issues in fiction is my responsibility as an author. These elements not only keep the story “alive” but they fulfill my need to make the world a better place. It is an honor and a joy to be published. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to bring my story to life and into print. If I am not excited about my story, then I know my reader won’t be, either. I owe a great deal to every woman who saves her pennies and decides to buy my book over all the choices she has. I do my very best at the time that I’m writing my story. I cry. Get angry. Scared and shiver right along with my heroine. And yes, I’m a weeper—and a hopeless romantic at heart.
Still Moments Magazine  The emotional aspects and real-to-life elements in your stories add to the enjoyment of the read. They flow with the story seamlessly.
Catherine Lanigan Thank you, Darlene. To say I "live" my stories is an understatement. Nearly all have real life incidents that I've come face to face with. In PROTECTING THE SINGLE MOM, that scene in which there is a drive by shooting at Mrs. Beabots's house with Trent, Cate and Danny and Mrs. Beabots at home, was inspired by one of my co-workers who was a victim of a dry by shooting over the weekend before I wrote that scene. I called my Editor, Lovely, Claire Caldwell and asked if I could insert it. She let me write it.
Still Moments Magazine This is what makes your books so special :)

Catherine, what can we look forward to with your next writing project? 
Catherine Lanigan I’m working on four more SHORES OF INDIAN LAKE stores right now. In July I will release “Family of His Own”. In December will be, “Mica’s Baby.”
Still Moments Magazine  I can't wait for these two book to come out. Family of His Own sounds like tears will be shed, and I enjoyed Mica's family in the past, so it will be nice to revist them.
Phyllis Rae Uzelac Are you working on another book right now?
Catherine Lanigan I'm working on 7 more books for Heartwarming. Next SHORES OF INDIAN LAKE COMES out in July.

I’m sorry to say that our interview has come to an end. Thank you so much, Catherine, for taking the time to chat with us today! I can’t wait to check out your next book, Family of His Own, and to have you stop by to chat about it. Please let us know where visitors can go to learn more about your books. 
Catherine Lanigan Thank you so much, Darlene, this was the best fun!! Visitors can follow me on facebook. Our heartwarming blog at, @cathlanigan for Twitter and And always at
Still Moments Magazine getting to know you better has been my pleasure. You have a big heart.
Kate James I'm so sorry I missed all the fun Catherine and Darlene. I was on an airplane (without wifi) and rushed right home to catch up. It looks like another terrific chat with two of my favorite people!

During the interview, Catherine generously offered a giveaway to one lucky visitor!
Catherine Lanigan Don't you love that new tote?
Still Moments Magazine It's beautiful, and large enough to carry several items. The colour is lovely.
Catherine Lanigan And for those who don't know, Romancing the Tome is my take off on Romancing the Stone, which I wrote the novelization of the motion picture. TOME means a large, important book.
Kate James This is a fantastic prize pack!
Lynn Rempala Christerson Catherine, I am so proud of you and so proud to know you. Best Wishes always and God's Blessings.
Kathleen Bylsma Oh my goodness!

Through a random draw of comments left during the interview, the winners are:
Phyllis Rae Uzelac is the winner of Catherine's tote giveaway!
Helen DePrima is the winner of Still Moments Magazine's flower key chain!

Be sure to check out our Summer magazine issue where Catherine will be sharing her Chocolate Caramel Mousse Pie recipe! 
Catherine Lanigan I have to say, everyone. This pie is to DIE FOR! Only if you like chocolate.

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