Friday, June 2, 2017

Border Affair

Border Affair 
Hebby Roman
April 2016

Camila Villarreal has had a crush on Rusty Douglas since she was twelve years old. And no matter what she does she can’t stop caring for him. 
Rusty, a self-made millionaire and a partner in her family’s ranch, is recovering from a messy divorce and facing a mid-life crisis. He’s not eager to become involved in a serious relationship. Despite Rusty’s doubts, their mutual attraction blazes into a sizzling affair. But when Camila is kidnapped, Rusty is desperate to rescue her. Will he get her back unharmed? And if he does, can their affair develop into a lasting relationship? 

Between The Pages
An enjoyable story where the author places you in the backdrop of a beautiful setting. The characters are interesting, and though several years separate them in age, their interaction is fun and emotional. A well-developed plot and a bit of suspense. A good book to read on a lazy afternoon.

3.5 Stars

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