Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Family of His Own

Family of His Own
Catherine Lanigan
July 2017

He's ready to settle down…with or without her. 

Scott Abbott has always loved Isabelle Hawks. And he's always been her rock. Patient, dependable, strong. But lately, she's been acting like that rock is weighing her down. With her art career taking off, Isabelle has been spending less and less time in Indian Lake…and with him. Scott isn't even sure what they are to each other anymore. They might be friends with a history, but it sure doesn't feel like a future. Maybe it's time for Scott to set her free and focus on his own dreams. A real home. A family. All the things he had hoped to share with her… 

Between The Pages 
A don’t-want-to-put-it-down story! Scott is the man single women dream about. He’s perfect in every way. His first meeting with Bella and Michael, and learning their history, pumps the emotion to the max. Another highlight of this story is getting to visit the Shores of Indian Lake and revising some of my favourite characters from past books. The only quirk I had with the story was Isabelle’s indecisiveness. After learning how quick she had to grow up and to take care of her siblings, her drive to find herself is understandable. However, I didn’t believe it when she said ‘I’m falling in love with two men. At the same time’. She’s attracted to Wes, and definitely infatuation with his personality and talent, but love? However, she does...eventually; see the man who is perfect for her. This is a long story, but the author pulls you in with heartwarming emotion, a captivating plot, and an irresistible town. A must read!

5 Stars

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Kate James said...

Congratulations for Family of His Own being the Publisher's Pick, Catherine! It's well deserved!