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Bad Boy, Big Heart

Bad Boy, Big Heart 
Andrea Downing
June 11, 2017

When New Yorker K.C. Daniels heads to Wyoming for a summer job, she wants nothing more than to fit in with the staff of the Lazy S Ranch. Yearning to be independent of her mom and dad, and have a taste of the west before she starts her Master's degree, getting involved with a cowboy is the last thing on her mind—especially when she’s greeted with warnings about ‘Bad Boy’ Chay Ridgway. 

High school dropout Chay Ridgway sees summer as his time to be a rodeo star and win a girl in his life, while facing the responsibilities he has for his father. Although working to bring in cash to help his dad, he's never had a problem finding a woman who's happy to be that summer love—until K.C. Daniels appears on the scene. 

As two different worlds collide in a season that will end all too soon, is this going to be another summer romance or a love that will last for years? 

Between The Pages 
A romantic novella you can read in an afternoon. The author has a good descriptive voice, giving the reader a nice visual of a ranch setting. The addition of a villain adds a little action to the story. The main characters have complicated backgrounds, and a secondary character, Breezy, was enjoyable. The ending wrapped up quickly and leaves you with more of a happy-for-now than a happy-ever-after. This is book one of the Heart of the Boy, so maybe a sequel continues Chay and K.C.’s story.

4 Stars

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