Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Beneath The Skin

Beneath The Skin 
Zara West
June 17, 2016

Ex-Olympic wrestler and reclusive billionaire artist Aristides Stavros has one mission—to rescue his sister, a popular tattoo artist from the old enemy who has kidnapped her. But at every turn, he is confronted by anthropologist Melissa Dermot. Is she just an innocent girl in over her head, or is she working for the international crime boss holding his sister? 

Only one thing is certain--when Ari holds the beautiful Asian-American in his arms, questions of guilt and innocence fade against an undeniable fiery attraction. But can their wild passionate love survive the tangled web of long-buried secrets, intentional deceit, and murderous revenge that lie just beneath the surface? 

Between The Pages 
A suspenseful romance filled with action and drama. The characters have good chemistry and the story line is packed with twists and turns. You’ll be guessing and intrigued all the way to the end.

4 Stars

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