Friday, February 16, 2018

The Author's Den - From the Front Desk

Joining me in The Author's Den on this wintry day is Lori Powers. Lori and I are enjoying a Chai Tea Latte (with a little zip of whiskey)! We're sitting by the fire and chatting about her upcoming new release, From the Front Desk.

Lori, tell us a little about yourself.
Let's face it...Lori likes tea and all things British. Most often found in the kitchen sharing stories, mug in hand, she can visit for hours. That's inspiration: people, places, adventure. Every day is made up of the moments to create the tapestry of life. To be able to put thoughts on paper and have other people appreciate the stories; laugh, cry, feel the passion, is a dream come true for Lori Power. Lori’s body of work is as varied as the adventures of daily life and includes children's stories, a Gluten-Free cookbook, romance, suspense, and thrillers. Collaboration is important to improving one’s craft and as such, Lori is an active member of the TransCanada Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America, The Alberta Romance Writers Association and belongs to both a Critiquing group and a Beta Reading weekly group.

What’s your guilty writing procrastination secret?
Finding the time from the “regular” job and family.

Where is your favourite writing spot?
At the cabin, on the lake, any time of year.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?
I run, cook, craft—my son has gotten into clay works and that’s very tedious and exact. I’m not near the artist he is, but I am glad he takes the time to show me how to create figures with such detail.

What can we look forward to with your upcoming or next writing project?
I am presently in the throws with Book Three in the “Under Suspicion” series. Here we see Mitch and Lorna working toward a common goal, finally united. 

Where can we find you and your books online?

Lets take a peek at, From the Front Desk!
Toby MacPherson is guilty…an innocent…and Wendee Miller is on the run. Both street wise and life weary, neither are looking for any complications. Yet, life does seems to happen when you least expect it and when these two meet, the attraction is palpable. Both employed by the Hotel Del Coronado, their meeting time and again seems unavoidable. Where Toby is drawn to her vivacious personality, Wendee can’t help but be intrigued by the shy giant. But what will happen when each discovers the other’s secret? Will their new found love be enough to bridge the shock and many hurtles to come? Or will they learn there is strength in trusting another? 

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