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The Ideal Romance Hero Is Like a Chameleon

Hocus Pocus and All That
The Ideal Romance Hero Is Like a Chameleon 
By Maureen L. Bonatch 
Initially I thought to explain how the ideal romance hero is like a chameleon solely because an ideal man varies for each person, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that jazz. Not because of the scales and the whole projecting their tongues more than twice their body length (get your mind out of the gutter, this is a PG post peeps!) But when did just a little research on a chameleon, I found out the camouflaging, color-changing lizard shared other similarities with an ideal romance hero.

Hero’s, like Chameleons, Have a Superficial Layer
This goes back to the ole eye of the beholder stuff. We all have our preferences on what we find physically attractive from the first glance. What’s on the inside is, of course, much more important. But to snag our interest, we first must like what we see on the outside. Who doesn’t like a little eye candy?

A Chameleon Displays Brighter Colors Around Other Chameleons
We have our individual preferences, but when we take our hero out, we want to show him off. We know he looks good, and we want everyone else to know it. He knows when to ditch the sweats and strut his stuff.

An Ideal Hero Knows When to Take Charge—and When to Back Off
Apparently, a chameleon shows darker colors when they submit. Sure, we want our hero looking good, but we don’t want him to always outshine us. He lets us have the spotlight when we want it. He knows how to treat a lady right, and when to drop that needless argument and concede that we were right.

They Vary in Size and Body Structure
Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes. Guess what—so do chameleons! Look around at the couple’s you see every day, there is someone for everyone. The dude that you don’t give a second glance is someone else’s hero.

Some Have Head or Facial Ornamentation
A hero might not have horns, unless you really like the bad boy in a paranormal story. But, depending on the time of our life, and circumstances, we might have different preferences for the type of hairstyle we like to see our hero sporting. The mullet my home hero was rocking in the 1980’s wouldn’t be what made my heart pitter patter today. (Sigh—I do miss the 80’s.)

My Ideal Hero has Distinctive Eyes—Like a Chameleon
When I’m writing a story, I often fail to put much physical description in the story because I enjoy leaving the image to the imagination. But, I go back and layer description in for the reader so they see the characters as I do. I feel that it’s the actions, and body language, that make the man. But I almost always describe their eyes. I agree that they are the windows into the soul and it’s one of the first things I notice.

Chameleons Don’t Have an Outer or a Middle Ear
It may not look like it, but a chameleon can hear. Just like our hero. We all know about selective listening, but an ideal hero knows when to listen, when to offer reassurance, or the best time just to stay quiet. Although most hero’s throw in a little conflict now and then to add some spice to the story. I do like a hero to be an equal.

They Can Elevate their Body Temperature
Although I love my home state, when you live in Pennsylvania, it’s freezing or raining about eighty percent of the time. Hence why having a big, cuddly warm-blooded hero to cuddle and keep you warm in a necessity.

Can You Describe Your Ideal Romance Hero?

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