Thursday, May 24, 2018


Gini Rifkin
September 2017

In the final battle to save the Earth, Fae Warrior, Portence Goodeve stands ready to serve Mother Nature. But as she fights for the future of the planet, she’s haunted by her past. One near-death experience and a betrayal that goes deep become weapons that could get her killed. 

Malachi, a cross/breed, half-sorcerer and half-Fae, is back to help fight the Reptile invaders. Once upon a time, his sexy Fae-half stole Portence's heart, breath, and good sense. Then he abandoned her—what if it happens again? Should she surrender to desire, giving both Malachi and love another chance? Or seek retribution and be done with him forever? 

Portence and her sisters, as well as their Earth partners, are in a fight for their lives. When Malachi's magic is stolen and his life is in danger, will she discover the path to her future is bound by both love and duty? 

Between The Pages 
This fantasy romance is filled with plenty of action and drama. The third book in the Fae Warriors trilogy has the sisters battling the evil Reps and many more villains. Portence’s adventure holds a good pace and holds your attention with mystifying creatures. The opening chapter starts the action and even when the drama settles there’s more just around the corner. Portence and Malachi have an undeniable chemistry. One of my favourite scenes in the story is when the sisters are together near the end. You can feel their strength and sisterly bond. It’s been enjoyable reading the sisters’ adventure and sad to see it end. Maybe the author will treat us in the future with a look into the mysterious Mother Nature.

4 Stars

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GiniRifkin said...

Thank you for reading and reviewing Portence. This was such a fun trilogy to write and certainly a departure from my historical romances.