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Open Book - Emma Rose

Today we are opening the book pages of Emma Rose by author, Sandra McGregor. Sandra is sharing the inside scoop on her sweet, historical story where between the pages you’ll find a romance in the 1940’s. Emma Rose was published in September 2106 by The Wild Rose Press.

The title and inspiration is based on Emma Rose, a young woman launching out on her own after being raised in an orphanage. Emma was raised in Denver Orphan’s was Sandra’s mother. “The rest is pretty much fiction,” Sandra said.

Sandra explained the concept of Emma Rose. “How one of the greatest generations stepped up and were brave...the men at war and the woman at home. It’s about how true love can weather any storm and can concur all odds. She’s working at the Stratton Tire Co during the day, and watching over the little children at the orphanage at night in exchange for room and board. Times are tough, but so is Emma. It’s a 1940s Cinderella story...poor girl, rich, good-looking guy.”

Emma Rose takes place in Denver, Colorado. “Troops are arriving for training and being deployed overseas,” Sandra explained. “There’s a trolley for transportation and there’s Riverside Amusement park and the USO where Emma goes with a couple girlfriends to dance with the soldiers.” Sandra added, “If you were young, the town was teaming with military. There was also industry, so girls could find jobs.”

In Emma Rose you’ll meet Emma Rose Sanders, raised in Denver Orphan’s home, now living there and taking care of the little ones at night and working at Stratton Tire Co during the day. “She has a dream of going to college to become a teacher, so she’s saving every penny she makes at the tire company,” Sandra said. “She has waist-length red hair (Rapunzel-length hair) that draws our hero’s attention.”

The hero, Lt. Thomas Stratton, is a pilot on an aircraft carrier based at Pearl Harbor. He’s home in Denver to heal from burns to his back and legs, received when he repeatedly swam out into the ocean through burning debris to drag sailors to shore. “He’s embarrassed at the thought of Emma ever seeing his scars,” Sandra said. “His father uses his son’s injury to, again, try to get him to leave the Navy and help in the family tire company. He wants his own life, not under his father’s demanding thumb.”

"Thomas just wants to fly in the Navy...Emma wants to become a teacher and find someone who will love her, and maybe own a little place of their own.”

You’ll also meet, Matron at the orphanage, who always encourages Emma to go after what she wants. Grandpa Stratton, a gentleman who accepts Emma despite her not being in their social class. And Thomas’ father, Mr. Stratton. He’ll go to any length to keep his son home and to stop the budding romance between his son and Emma.

Sandra explained the three key elements in Emma Rose. “1. Love is the glue that holds two people together, even when everything is falling apart around them. 2. Everyone carries scars...just not all of them are visible to an on-looker. 3. Truth and faith will always win the day over circumstances and, in the case of Thomas & Emma, attempts to end their relationship. Love will always find a way.”

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Let’s get a closer look at Emma Rose.
Emma Rose works nights at Denver Orphanage where she grew up, and days at Stratton Tire Company. Her goal is to become a teacher and have someone to love her. After meeting a Naval officer at the USO, her heart is flying high until duty forces her to leave with barely his name. Home to heal from burns sustained during the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Naval officer Thomas Stratton is anxious to return to his squadron. Pressure from his father to stay and manage the family business has him escaping to the USO. He is captivated by a young beauty who slips away after two dances, leaving him only memories of Rapunzel-length red hair and the sweater she leaves behind. When fate reunites them, Emma dreams of a future with Thomas, but there are some who plot against their blossoming relationship. How can love survive against a war at home and afar?

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