Friday, September 7, 2018

Between The Pages - Cowboy on Call

Cowboy on Call 
Leigh Riker
November 1, 2017

He needs to stop running from his mistakes. 

Cowboy or doctor? Sawyer McCord has been wrestling with that question since he came home to the Circle H after fleeing his remote clinic in the Himalayas. A tragedy there has him doubting his medical skills, but his reception on the ranch has been chilly at best. Sawyer can’t blame his family—or Olivia Wilson, his brother’s ex—for their anger. So why does Olivia’s opinion of him suddenly matter so much? Sawyer has unfinished business here and at his clinic. If he’s ever going to redeem himself, he needs to start by making amends to the one woman who might never forgive him. 

Between The Pages 
You can’t help but fall in love with the Kansas Cowboys. Revisiting the Circle H was filled with fun and emotion. The family dynamics are complicated for both Sawyer and Olivia, making the story grab your attention. The secondary characters are just as entertaining and enjoyable. The plot is well developed and smooth to read. The author does a great job putting you in a cowboy’s boots. You’ll want to walk through the barn to feed the horses and saddle them up for a ride in the pasture. I hope to revisit Circle H in the future.

4 Stars

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