Friday, September 7, 2018

Between The Pages - Every Serengeti Sunrise

Every Serengeti Sunrise 
Rula Sinara
December 1, 2017

Elephants, blazing skies and her two best friends… 

Maddie can’t wait to return to Kenya! Until she learns the bill her law firm has sent her to fight is the same one her friend Haki helped write. At first, her work feels disloyal to Haki, but soon the sparks flying between them aren’t anger…but something more. Much more. Which is another kind of betrayal. Her cousin Pippa has been counting on a proposal from Haki for years. But to Maddie, denying her love for Haki also means betraying herself. 

Between The Pages 
This is book four in the From Kenya, With Love series. The setting is beautiful and the plot is heartwarming. The author places you in the landscape with the characters and wildlife. There’s a strong connection between all of the characters with family as a focal point. Bonds that have been broken are sewn together and a few are torn, but in the end, the story weaves the relationships together. Haki’s drive to catch Maddie is so sweet. You’re rooting for them in the car with everyone else.

4 Stars

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