Romance in a Basket

Still Moments Magazine is always thinking of new ways to promote authors. 
We want to get authors' books in front of readers, and we want to give readers the chance to discover new authors! 

Our newest promotion is Romance in a Basket.

We’re looking for authors who would like to donate a copy of their print or digital book(s) to be included in a basket giveaway. We’re also looking to include book swag, such as book cards, book markers, magnets, buttons, pens, etc.
PRINT: Contact us for details on where to send your print book(s) to be included in one of our basket giveaways.
DIGITAL: Contact us for details on sending your digital book(s) to be included in one of our basket giveaways. Please note, ARCs are not accepted as they are not protected. PDF, EPUB, and MOBI files are accepted as final versions from your publisher. Please note: we are currently not accepting digital format at this time.

Guidelines: Romance books only. All romance genres welcomed. The romance must be between a man and woman only. No book is to contain the following content: erotic, erotica, heavy vulgarity, rape, incest, sexual scenes with minors, or bestiality.

Want to get your book in the hands of more readers? Contact us today! 

Romance in a Basket Promotional Offer
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Watch for cool themed baskets such as: cowboys, mystery/suspense, historical, etc.

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