2018 Reader's Choice Awards

Top 10 Books of 2018

1. Good Bones by L. A. Kelley 
2. Bad Boy Rancher by Karen Rock
3. If I Want You by Rachel Brimble

4. Always the Hero by Anna J. Stewart
5. Ruth: The Rescued Bride by Hebby Roman
6. The Rancher’s Twins by Carol Ross
7. His Baby Dilemma by Catherine Lanigan
8. Falling For a Cowboy by Karen Rock 
9. The Rancher’s Rescue by Cari Lynn Webb
10. Christmas, Actually by Anna Adams/Anna J Stewart/Melinda Curtis

Congratulations to the top three and seven finalists!
Thank you for allowing us to read your books.

Visit our reviewer's YouTube channel for the video results. https://youtu.be/c_6R5o-C9hU