Still Moments Magazine was created for “The Busy Woman”.

With today's schedule of working a day job, driving the children to one event or another, housework, cooking meals, etc. there’s little time left in a day to enjoy a quiet moment. When we do get that rare moment, it should be spent doing something that relives the stress of our day, an escape...a “Still Moment”.

Independently developed and published in Nova Scotia, Still Moments Magazine ran as a print edition from 2003 through 2005 with thriving readership across Canada, US, Europe, and around the globe. Due to the overwhelming requests for the magazine's return, Still Moments received a rebirth in the form of an online magazine. The digital formatted magazine followed the path of its successor with an editorial philosophy of positive reading and enjoyment.

Still Moments Magazine is proud to announce fifteen years of publication in 2018, and to celebrate this milestone, the magazine will published directly to its web blog with the popular features from the digital version.

We hope you'll find the magazine so enjoyable it has you returning for more! Welcome to Still Moments! 

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