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Open Book Spotlight - Good Bones

An Open Book Spotlight on Good Bones, 1st place winner of Still Moments Magazine's 2018 Reader's Choice Awards!
Today we are opening the book pages of Good Bones by author, L.A. Kelley. L.A. is sharing the inside scoop on her sweet, paranormal romance where between the pages you’ll find ghosts, suspense, fantasy, supernatural hauntings, and paranormal activity.

Good Bones was published in May 2017 by The Wild Rose Press.

The author explained the title was derived from the hero being a police detective who recently bought an old house because he was drawn to its “good bones.” Good bones make a strong foundation for a structure, but the term can also be tied to the supernatural. Bones are the last things we leave behind and sometimes they have a message of their own.

The inspiration for this story came from the author thinking about ghosts. What causes them to remain earthbound? Why are they stuck in one place? Is a haunting merely a troubled spirit with a form of agoraphobia who’s afraid to leave the house? If so, wouldn’t a psychologist be a better help than a psychic? So, the author made the heroine in this story a psychologist. She has patients with phobias and has experience dealing with irrational fears.

The theme of Good Bones is... Unresolved issues always come back to haunt you, whether living or dead.

Good Bones take place in present day Sandy Shoals, a fictional coastal town in North Florida.

The visual of the setting is... Sandy Shoals substitutes for the coastal towns around Pensacola, Florida. They have defined tourist areas in the downtowns and beaches, but a short drive north takes you to sparsely populated rural areas with farmlands and thick woods. The story takes place in the spring. In northern climes spring arrives with a burst of pastels, soft gentle tones to ease Earth back to life after winter dormancy. Not in north Florida. Floral fireworks of azaleas and crepe myrtles explode open in neon shades of hot pink, coral, and brilliant crimson. By April the hibiscus transform into a riot of sunny orange blossoms lasting through summer. The effect is almost magical. Beauty certainly exists on the surface, but it can also hide buried evil.

The author gave the following reason of why someone would want to live in Sandy Shoals... The weather is mild and while it’s a moderate-sized city, it has a friendly small-town vibe that welcomes newcomers. Please ignore any murderers lurking in the shadows.

The heroine in Good Bones is Katherine Fleming. She recently arrived for a new job as a psychologist in Sandy Shoals. She just started her practice, so she has a strong desire to succeed. She’s also warm-hearted and level-headed. Ghosts? Oh, please are you nuts? There’s no such thing. 

The hero, Jake Sumner, is a police detective on the Sandy Shoals force. He’s a local and feels a strong sense of duty to protect the citizens. He also has a secret, a tragedy in his past that’s as haunting as the ghost in the mirror.

Both Katherine and Jake are drawn toward helping others. Then they stumble into a mystery surrounding a desperate plea from the image of a girl in a mystic mirror. Who is this person? What happened to her? Neither Katherine nor Jake had prior belief in the supernatural and both are in positions of authority which would be jeopardized if anyone discovered they believed in ghost nonsense. Yet, a cry for help can’t be ignored, so they decide to join forces to solve the mystery. 

An important secondary character is...Whiskers, who is a cat and starts all the trouble. He draws Katherine and Jake into the adventure and isn’t the least bit sorry. Isn’t that a cat for you? 

As for villains in this story...there is certainly villainy and hidden agendas abound. But the other than that, the author’s lips are sealed.

Three key elements the author wants readers to know about this story is that it is a sweet romance, it’s creepy, but no bloody gore, and there’s a cheeky sense of humor.

What the author wants readers to take away from her story..."Nothing but a good time".

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Here’s a small peek into Good Bones

If the living won’t seek justice for the dead, who will? 

No matter how challenging the case, psychologist Katherine Fleming never shirks from helping a patient confront a painful issue. Her keen powers of observation and compassionate nature have eased many troubled souls, but a homicide detective with a buried secret of his own stirs more than just clinical interest. 

The first time Detective Jake Sumner spied the old house, he sensed the good bones. Little did he know the purchase of the property included an unusual tenant far from resting in peace. Can the new psychologist in town help him treat a ghostly trauma case or is his growing attraction to Katherine Fleming best left buried? 

With the help of a mysterious white cat and a mystic mirror, Katherine and Jake join forces to solve a murder. Can they stop a killer from claiming the next victim or will their investigation only lead them six feet under?

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