Monday, June 18, 2018

Open Book - In the Sheriff’s Protection

Today we are opening the book pages of In the Sheriff’s Protection by author, Lauri Robinson. Lauri is sharing the inside scoop on her mildly heated, historical, western romance.

In the Sheriff’s Protection was published on April 1, 2018 by Harlequin Mills and Boon.

In the Sheriff’s Protection is part of the Mail Ordered Brides of Oak Grove Series. “Oak Grove, Kansas is a fictional town that another author, Kathryn Albright, and I created when Harlequin asked us to write a duet about twin sisters,” Lauri expained. “That book includes, Surprise Bride for the Cowboy and Taming the Runaway Bride. Others stories in the series include Winning the Mail Order Bride, A Bride and a Baby for Christmas, The Prairie Doctor’s Bride, and Wedding at Rocking S Ranch. Both Kathryn and I enjoyed writing stories about many of Oak Grove’s community members.”

The main theme behind In the Sheriff’s Protection is falling in love when you least expect it. “As the town sheriff, Tom had found the whole idea behind the Oak Grove Betterment Committee ordering a dozen mail order brides more trouble than anything,” Lauri said. “When one of those brides gets shot while on the train going to Oak Grove, he sets out to find the outlaw who had robbed the train.”

Although In the Sheriff’s Protection is part of the Oak Grove series, much of the story takes place in Wyoming, where Tom tracked the outlaw to, but found the outlaw’s wife, Clara, and her young son, Billy. Once he captures the outlaw, he takes the man back to Oak Grove and is shocked when Clara soon follows.

The story’s setting places you in Clara’s home, a rundown farm in Wyoming. “Oak Grove is an old west small town full of wonderful and colorful characters,” Lauri explained. “Oak Grove is a welcoming place where everyone is considered a friend, if not family. Due to the number of single men and lack of single women, the town formed a Betterment Committee and ordered a dozen mail order brides from out East.”

In the Sheriff’s Protection you will meet the hero, Tom Baniff, who is a no-nonsense sheriff who always gets his man. As well as, Clara Wilson, who had been forced to marry Hugh Wilson, and has stayed because she’s fearful of what will happen to her and Billy if she attempts to leave. Her son’s safety is her first and foremost concern. “Tom is determined that Hugh Wilson will stand trial for robbing the train and shooting the mail order bride,” Lauri said. “Clara is afraid for her and Billy’s life, but soon discovers deep down, she has to do what is right, not matter what the outcome.”

You’ll also meet Hugh Wilson who is Clara’s husband and the outlaw Tom is searching for in order to stand trial. And Angus O’Leary who is a colorful Irishman who takes Clara under his wing once she arrives in Oak Grove. “Hugh Wilson has a history of robbing, but has never had to pay for any of his misdeeds, and believes he’ll be able to get out of this one too.”

Lauri said In the Sheriff’s Protection there is hope, even when things seem hopeless, there are people willing to help, even when it seems there’s not, and there are two ways to look at every situation.
“The world is full of magic, lass. If you go looking for it, you’ll find it.”—Angus O’Leary, In the Sheriff’s Protection.

In the Sheriff’s Protection is part of the Oak Grove series, however, every book in this series can be read as a stand-alone book. “Readers who have read any of the other stories will enjoy catching up with other Oak Grove community members,” Lauri said.
“If I could give an award out to the best series it would be this one,” The Oak Grove Series—Long and Short Reviews.

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Let’s get a closer look at In the Sheriff’s Protection.
He will protect her 

But can the sheriff resist his forbidden desire? 

Oak Grove sheriff Tom Baniff might be hunting Clara Wilson’s criminal husband, but that doesn’t mean he won’t help protect Clara and her young son from the outlaw’s deadly threats. When he invites Clara to his hometown, Tom is determined to keep her safe. But with her so close, can he resist the allure of the only woman he’s ever wanted?

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