Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Between The Pages - Absolution

By Patsy L. Parker
Eternal Press
Historical Paranormal Romance
Heat Level: Spicy

A private war is raging, and Slayer Zaccarius unwittingly holds the fate of the world in his hands. Sent to judge Lady Chloe's vampiric destiny, and a deadly vampire in his own right, Zaccarius sets out on a quest to determine her moral fiber. Only one problem exists, Lady Chloe doesn't know she's a vampire. Birthed the night her mother suffered a vicious attack by the evil Jochad, Chloe spends her first eighteen years living normally under the doting eye of her father, Lord Alric. But when mysterious symptoms develope, Lord Alric tends to her needs with a special "tonic", keeping her true nature hidden. Only a few trusted servants know the truth, and on the night of Lord Alric's death, his manservant, Gavin, finalizes Lord Alric's plan to protect his daughter, secreting Chloe away to a special tomb in the French Vosges mountains. There she sleeps for six centuries, awaiting a cure for her 'disease', until two research students uncover her grisly chamber. With her waking, the battle heats up. Both good and evil forces seek to capture her, each for their own specific reasons. Chloe struggles to acclimate herself to modern times with the help of three friends, while at the same time her love for the mysterious Zaccarius deepens, a dark stranger who seems determined to protect her despite all the risks.

Between the Pages
Set in both the past and present, Ms. Parker does an excellent job of weaving history throughout this story, while at the same time maintaining a high level of intensity, action and page-turning romance. Chapters that took place in the past were expertly written, with great dialogue and scenery, and the present-day battles were epic, edge of your seat nail-biters. I loved this story...and more importantly I loved the characters. Chloe's innocence coupled with her determination to do the right thing, made me empathize with her plight. And Zaccarirus, I dare any woman NOT to fall in love with him. He was the perfect hero, trying to sort out his deep connection with Chloe while at the same time struggling to do the job he was born to do. A highly recommended read, and suggest the reader get lost for a few days of Absolution.

Rating: 5 Stars


P.L. Parker said...

As the writer of Absolution, I am so thrilled and my thanks to A.J. Nuest and Still Moments Magazine for the wonderful review.

dede0808 said...

I have read and loved all of Ms. Parker's stories and books. I must say that Absolution is my favorite. It was exciting, exotic, and also funny. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romantic adventure. I plan to give the book as a Christmas to family and friends.

P.L. Parker said...

Thanks Dede0808, appreciate your wonderful comments!