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Krista's Corner - December 2012

Christmas Shopping…

Everyone does it right? And yes that includes myself because if I didn’t, I’d never be able to live with myself as a mom or with my 4 children. I’m never so concerned with whether I get anything, but my husband always thinks differently.

My favorite part of Christmas is watching the varied looks of shock and surprise across my kids faces when they open something they never expected to get. There’s nothing like it and sometimes I have to fight off the tears. It just makes me happy!

My least favorite part of Christmas is the actual shopping. I did the Black Friday shopping way back when, when I was pregnant with my now teen and we lived in a smaller town so I never thought it was too bad. Fast forward 13 years to the present and my teen now wants to go Black Friday shopping with me…ugh. My husband of course thought it was a great idea and a good experience for our teen so we went two hours away to a town big enough to have an indoor mall and every other store under the sun.

Now, I should have known hubby would be in favor of this idea as he proceeds to volunteer to stay back at the hotel with the younger three while the teen and I venture out. Holy Buckets!!! I do have to admit there were some good deals to be had and the teen was great at helping me pick things for her younger three siblings but then her ulterior motive for wanting to go with me finally comes out… “Mom aren’t we going to get anything for me?” What? Does she seriously think I’m going to shop for her while she’s with me? Now mind you, my mother is in her 70’s and still shops for my sisters and I, but we are at an age where when we go shop with her, we see something we like, she picks it up and says “now forget you saw me buy this”. But seriously, it’s hard enough to surprise kids as they get older so I just said, NOPE! Her face deflated…a lot, but she still had a great time shopping around the mall at four in the morning and I got some really good ideas for her to buy later. 

I’m not one in favor of buying gift cards, especially for kids. I just think it’s too impersonal. I definitely don’t blame others for wanting to go that route because it is much easier but I’d rather get a $5 gift than a $25 gift card. It’s the thrill of receiving the gift, ripping off all that paper and being surprised. 
Christmas isn’t that far away now and the countdown is on so I wish you all a stress-free and fairly inexpensive shopping experience and a very merry holiday to you and yours.
Krista Ames is a full-time author, mom and wife, and resides in northern lower Michigan with her husband and 4 children. Krista loves to hear from readers!

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