Between The Pages ~ Live

Still Moments Magazine is introducing 
a new feature...

Between The Pages ~ Live

Still Moments Magazine will be scheduling live interviews on our Facebook page where we'll get up close and personal with authors, chatting about them and their book(s). We'll ask the author questions, and we invite visitors to join in the conversation.

The chats will be a half-hour to an hour, depending on the amount of visitors taking part in the conversation.

Giveaways? Yes, there will be giveaways during the live interviews. Still Moments Magazine will offer a giveaway and many of our author guests will as well.

All live interviews will remain on our Facebook page for a few days and then be copied here, to our web blog. Interviews will also be published in our digital magazine.

We're currently scheduling guests and will post dates as soon as confirmed.

Want to be a guest? Contact us using our 'contact form' on the bottom of the main page. Please note, Between The Pages ~ Live will follow the same guidelines for guest authors as noted on our 'Book Review/Promotions' page.

Go here to link our Facebook page and join the conversation!

Recent Guests...

Catherine Lanigan - April 5, 2017

Jennifer Snow - March 15, 2017

Kate James - March 10, 2017

Karen Rock - February 28, 2017

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