Thursday, March 4, 2010

Issue 12 - 'Picture This' Contest Winners

What a great response we received to our Issue 12 'Caption Contest'!
With so many entries, it was difficult to pick a winner, but we did and here it is:

“A little to the left, down just a bit, a tad to the right...ah, that’s the spot.” - Karen S. in Bridgewater, NS.

Karen's prize is: A copy of Cup of Comfort for Women, Blueberry Fortune Cookie Soap, Lavender Bath Treats, and a Cathryn Fox Bookmark.

We also picked five 'honorable mentions' who all received a consolation prize of a Cathryn Fox Bookmark!

“Just another five minutes, then I’ll flip to the other side.” -Leslie P. from Boston, MA

"Billy! It's time for supper!" "Just 5 more minutes mom, the ice is awesome!" "Now Billy!" "But mom! It's all cold and stuff!" "Now Billy, your fish is getting colder than it already is!" "Awwww" - Ashley C. (blog entry)

“Arrive early and get the best spot.” - Anne D. from Calgary, AB

“Who needs snow, I can make Ice Angels.” - Kelly H. from Moncton, NB

“Did anyone else here that cracking noise?” - Pat L. from Indiana.

If you are one of our winners, please contact us for your prize.
Please note, prizes not claimed by April 30, 2010 are placed back into our prize basket.

Disclaimer: The last names of our winners have been ommited due to Still Moments Magazine's privacy rules.

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