Monday, December 15, 2014

Her Best Man

Her Best Man 
By Jana Richards
February 2007

Sarah Stevens experiences a bride's worst nightmare: being dumped at the altar. When she goes on the Caribbean cruise meant to be her honeymoon in order to lick her wounds, she discovers her ex-fiance has sent his brother Will Marshall, the former best man, on the cruise as well. Everyone on board thinks they're newlyweds, and Sarah is too embarrassed to set them straight. There is nothing like a romantic cruise to bring two people together, particularly when they are pretending to be honeymooners. Sarah discovers she is in love, real love. She believes Will cares for her too. But will his loyalty to Brad stand in the way of their happiness? Can she convince Will that he is her best man? 

Between The Pages 
A fun story that will make you laugh out loud. Will and Sarah have such a strong chemistry, you’ll be rooting for them to get together on the first page. The secondary characters are equally enjoyable. The cruise setting creates an adventure of a rocky romance. I’m looking forward to reading more Left at the Altar series.

4 Stars

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