Friday, December 2, 2016

The Reluctant Rancher

The Reluctant Rancher 
Leigh Riker
October 2016

She can't stay for long 
She just needs a place to hide. Now. Pregnant and on the run, Blossom Kennedy jumps at the opportunity to work as a caregiver to an injured, elderly rancher. While she tends to the man, his handsome grandson takes over at the Circle H. Logan Hunter is tough, loyal and a wonderful father to his young son. But Blossom needs a port in a storm more than she needs love, and soon enough she'll be moving on. Unless she's somehow stumbled into the exact place she and her unborn child are supposed to be…by Logan's side. 

Between The Pages 
A heartwarming, sweet story fills the pages of this book. I thoroughly enjoyed the author’s style of writing, which captured my attention immediately. Ms. Riker’s descriptive voice places you in the small town setting and the feel of ranch life. There are a lot of emotional tugs between Blossom and Logan, who you’ll root for from the beginning. The secondary characters are equally enjoyable, especially Sam, Logan’s grandfather. I hope Logan’s brother appears in an upcoming story of the Kansas Cowboys series. I highly recommend this book.

5 Stars

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