Friday, March 9, 2018

Sweetest Heart on Hallmark

The First Harlequin Heartwarming Book To Film
By Catherine Lanigan

I am so very honored to be here in the Still Moment Magazine spotlight today. As a Harlequin Heartwarming author, we have all enjoyed and thrived under the support Still Moments has given us and believe me, we are all truly grateful. Thank you, Darlene.

My journey to this place in my career has been bittersweet. For those of you who would like the backstory, please visit my Heartwarming blog from Tuesday, February 6th at and my second blog about the amazing filming on Tuesday, March 6th.

These photos that I have shared with Darlene had to be Hallmark approved before posting.
To cut to the chase, the title of the film is now SWEETEST HEART, based on my book, HEART’S DESIRE, which you can purchase at Amazon and Just so you know.

(Andrea Brooks, Catherine, Julie Gonzalo) 

Our leading lady was Julie Gonzalo who plays Maddie Strong, the owner of The Cupcake Café where she makes “made to order” cupcakes. The hero, Nate Barzonni, is played by Chris McNally. And the part of Chloe Knowland is played by Andrea Brooks. Tammy Gillis plays Sarah Jensen and Clayton Chitty plays Luke.
(Lissy and Catherine on set of The Cupcake Café) 

I, along with my agent, Lissy Peace, were on set for five days. In Vancouver, it was raining day and night, cold, but not freezing. However, in an unheated vacant Cupcake shop, whose owner was in financial trouble just like our heroine, we all kept our coats and jackets on for the long days of shooting.
(Catherine and star trailers)

This wasn’t the first set I’d been on so I knew my manners: Keep my mouth shut and stay out of the way. All the cast and crew were professional, friendly and we all became friends when the shoot was over.

Of course, once everyone knew that there were 10 books in my series and Hallmark is looking at the rest of the stories to film, the buzz grew louder. For Tammy and Clayton, the next one up is THEIR characters’ story: LOVE SHADOWS. No doubt we have to change THAT title. Too somber for Hallmark. But that’s just fine with me.

So, tune in on Saturday night March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day (check your television directories for time and channel) and revel in the marvelous sets and the excellent film Hallmark has created!

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