Friday, June 22, 2018

Open Book - Love’s Dangerous Challenge

Today we are opening the book pages of Love’s Dangerous Challenge by author, Ellynore Seybold. Ellynore is sharing the inside scoop on her low heated, historical romance.

Love’s Dangerous Challenge was published on December 9, 2017 by Black Opal Books. Ellynore sticks with a system for the title of all her romance books by having the title start with the word ‘Love’.

The inspiration for Love’s Dangerous Challenge came from Ellynore’s enjoyment of reading history, and the story’s main theme is about good people in bad situations.

Love’s Dangerous Challenge takes place in France and Ireland in 1793 and is set in an Opulent Palace, dismal prison, Irish cottage, and Irish pub. The people are friendly and know how to have fun.

In Love’s Dangerous Challenge you’ll meet the heroine, Countess Annise de Brisson. She’s 18, beautiful, and desires to free her parents. The hero, Eduard Saulnier is a commoner, wishing to marry Annise. Both Annise and Eduard need to overcome a dangerous challenge in order to marry. You’ll also meet Count and Countess de Brisson. Their peril is what the young people need to overcome. The villains are the people in power during the Reign of Terror. “Maximilian Robespierre and Louis de Saint-Just could have helped Annise, but only put the parents into a better prison,” Ellynore explained.

The historical events depict real time and events people were forced to live. Ellynore’s writing shows that even in the worst of times, there are good people and love does conquer.

Love’s Dangerous Challenge is a stand-alone title, but Ellynore is considering another story to follow Gabriel, the executioner, to America.

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Let’s get a closer look at Love’s Dangerous Challenge.
During the Reign of Terror in France in the late 1700s, the common people amused themselves by watching the heads of the nobility roll, severed by the guillotine. When Eduard Saulnier falls in love with Countess Annise de Brisson in 1793, he fears that, as a commoner, he will never be allowed to court her. But Annise is staying with her aunt because her parents have been sized by the revolutionaries and condemned to die by the guillotine. Eduard approaches the old lady for permission to court Annise, knowing his chances are slim. However, he is totally unprepared for the old countess’s answer--yes, he may court and marry Annise, after he gets her parents out of prison...any way he can.

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