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Between The Pages - Cristabelle: The Christmas Bride

Cristabelle: The Christmas Bride
Hebby Roman
June 2018

Cristabelle Shannon is struggling to support her ailing mother as a laundress at Fort Clark. Pious and serious, Crissy safeguards a family secret. If her secret gets out, she could lose her position, the only decent job she can find. Crissy dreams of a day when she can put her shameful secret behind—a place where no man can trouble her. 

Sergeant David Donovan is a fun-loving prankster, who has made the United States cavalry his home. He joined the Army for adventure and to guard the frontier. His outlandish jokes have cost him his stripes, several times, only to be won back by his bravery. Davie is an Army lifer, committed to his free-wheeling ways and with no thought of settling down. 

When Davie meets Crissy, he’s drawn to her. The rules of the fort’s commander forbid their relationship. Not wanting to lose her job or encourage him, Crissy resists Davie’s attentions. But when he discovers a plot to steal the fort’s payroll and is plunged into danger, Crissy realizes how much she cares for him. Can she face the shameful secret in her past to embrace her future and be Davie’s Christmas bride?

Between The Pages 
This story is masterfully crafted with an historical outline. The author sends you to 1875 Fort Clark, Texas with ease and places you into the setting of the fort, its soldiers, residents, and raids. The cast is interesting with characters of strength, kindness, and a few not so nice. Cristabelle and David are strong leading characters built on faith and family and they have an instant chemistry that leads them from a bumpy road to an everlasting romance. The Christmas aspect comes near the end chapters with beautiful symbols for the season. The author adds a few twists to the enjoyable plot. Cristabelle is book two of A West Texas Frontier Trilogy. Mallory: The Mail Order Bride is book three and already in my reading schedule.

4 Stars

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