Friday, April 10, 2020

Between The Pages - A Match Made Perfect

A Match Made Perfect 
Anna J Stewart
April 2020

Fifteen years later… 

Are they still a perfect match? 

After a near-fatal accident, Brooke Ardell’s return to Butterfly Harbor sends shock waves around the small town. Years ago, she walked away from the love of her life, Sebastian Evans, and their baby daughter—and she never looked back. Now it’s finally time for her to right those wrongs. Sebastian wants to trust Brooke again…but can he risk his daughter’s heart as well as his own? 

Between The Pages 
Such an emotional and heartwarming story. I really enjoyed the author’s spin on the mother leaving her family all those years ago. This exceptional storyline allows the reader to see a different side of the cast in Butterfly Harbor. They aren’t so forgiving, which reveals the realism in these characters as they protect one of their own. The addition of Mandy’s point of view was a bonus. Seeing some of the scenes from her voice provided a deeper level of emotion. Trust and forgiveness is huge part of this story, and watching Sebastian and Brooke reconnect is the highlight. Have a tissue handy because when Mandy manages to set her plan in motion, with the help of many friends, the image of everyone on the shoreline will pull at the core. The outstanding cast in this series continues to grow. I can’t wait for more!

5 Stars

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