Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Author's Den - Hebby Roman

Today, we're happy to welcome to The Author's Den, multi-published author Hebby Roman, who is celebrating the release of her new book, Zach, April 1, 2020.
Hebby, please tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Hebby Roman and that’s my “real” name. I’m a Baby Boomer, small town girl, and what they call a “Border Brat,” born on the Texas-Mexico border and some of my books reflect my background. I loved books from the time I could read, and I wrote a one hundred page book about a girl who tamed a wild mustang when I was ten years old. I started out pursuing a double major in English and History at U.T. Austin, but I switched to a business degree. Graduate school followed, a career in finance and marriage. It wasn’t until I was in my late thirties that I tried to write my first romance. At my first RWA Conference, I found an agent and sold the second book I had written. I wrote ten books for Kensington, historical and contemporary. I quit writing for twelve years when I felt “constricted” by what New York publishers wanted me to write. A friend of mine encouraged me to start writing again, seven years ago, because of digital Indie publishing. Now I have twenty-four books published. I live in North Texas with my husband and a maltipoo, named Max, who watches television. I’m blessed to have my son and two granddaughters living close by me.

What’s your guilty writing procrastination secret?
Playing Mah Jongg solitaire.

What does your writing space look like? 
Since my husband has taken over the study, my writing space is in our master bedroom. I write with my computer in my lap, and my legs stretched out because I have a replaced knee and other knee problems.

Do you work with an outline or just write?
Not exactly an outline—I write down all of my characters’ backgrounds, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. I usually have the first couple of chapters in my mind, and sometimes, in the middle of the book, I’ll outline the remainder of the book to be certain my character arcs are complete and all the plot “loose” ends are tied up.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?
Cooking, playing with my granddaughters and my maltipoo, gardening, finding new restaurants with different cuisines, travel, and of course, reading all the time.

Where did the inspiration for your current story come from?
From a book called: “Texas Dames,” which included an excerpt about my daughter-in-law’s great-great-great grandmother who became known as “The Sheep Queen of Texas.” The ranch is still in their family, and my DIL’s grandmother runs the ranch.

Tell us more about your current release.
After reading the history about my daughter-in-law’s ancestor and learning she’d been widowed, I started thinking about how a widow with children would survive on the Texas frontier. I wanted to include a fort in my book, as I’ve written several books about Texas forts and find their history fascinating. When I was asked to be in the “Bachelors & Babies” series, my story started to take shape, revolving around an orphaned baby and a cavalry sergeant, who tries to care for the child. An author friend asked me why, since I tend to write about sheep ranchers (my sister was married to a sheep rancher), I didn’t write about the famous range wars of the West. A range war gave me the final external conflict for my plot. As you can see, “Zach” is a composite of many parts and a great deal of research.

What are two things people might be surprised to know about you?
So far as I know, I was the first author to publish a Latino romance and the first author to publish a romance featuring a mature couple, both in the 1990’s, and that my most difficult writing challenge is where to start a book.

What books might we find on your bedside table?
None—just my two Kindles, which are full of everything from romances, history, historical fiction, to biographies.

Describe yourself in three words.
Organized, historical buff, and hard worker.

What can we look forward to with your upcoming or next writing project?
I’m working on a sequel to: “Cupid Comes to the Lonesome Buzzard Ranch.” It’s a contemporary romantic comedy, and I get to revisit some of my characters from the first book, as well as introduce new characters, and a lot of silliness and mayhem, along with a big dose of romance.

Where can we find you and your books online?

Bachelors and Babies

Will their love for an orphaned baby forge a lasting bond between a widowed sheep rancher and a battle-scarred drill sergeant?

Sergeant Zach Armstrong has survived the loss of his family and the hardships of frontier life, but his world is turned upside down when he discovers an orphaned baby.

Johanna Gunter has lost her husband, son, and now, one of her shepherds to murder… unsolved murders. She suspects her neighbors because of their continuous threats to take her ranch.

Bound together to bring the murderers to justice and to raise the orphaned baby, Zach and Johanna learn to trust and grow in faith together. Can they put their painful pasts behind them and open their hearts to love?

Key words: western historical romance, sweet and inspirational, Texas frontier, babies and children, mature or “seasoned” couple, forts and military life, range war.


AvidReader13 said...

Hebby Roman writes detailed historical western romance with characters that come to life and grip your heart.
I am privileged to get to know her as an author and as the sweet lady she truly is.
She is generous, thoughtful, and a woman of faith.
Having read her series and singles, I can say that readers will not be disappointed with any Hebby Roman book.
History comes alive due to her research. Her personal experiences add to the detail.
I am a true fan.

Tonya Lucas said...

Hebby- This was a great article. I learned quite A bit about you I did not know. I’m living Zach.,I’ve loved all the books you’ve written. I will say, just from what I’ve read so far, this might just be your best yet. Congrats on another release my sweet friend.,

Caroline Clemmons said...

I read Hebby's first romance, which was Latino bound with and English version. I love her depth of research and her stories.

Hebby Roman said...

Thank you, Avid Reader, such wonderful comments about me and my writing! I'm so very happy that you love all my stories and enjoyed reading about me. Your kindness makes me teary-eyed, especially what you said about me personally.

Hebby said...

Tonya, thank you so much for commenting on my blog and for all your kindnesses, everyday! And I'm glad you learned a few things about me, so you'll know, when I should be writing, I'm playing Mah Jongg solitaire. LOL

Hebby said...

Thank you, Caroline, for taking the time to read my blog and to comment. I appreciate it very much. And for all your kind words. I'm reading your book right now with Addy, Georgiana (love that name, reminds me of Regency books), and of course, Stuart.
Loved how you gave us all a "twist" at the beginning of the book! And the fact you made Addy a toddler, too!

Hebby Roman said...

Darlene, I want to personally thank you for having me on your blog! So beautifully done, and wishing you and yours A Happy Easter, too!