Thursday, March 24, 2011

Publisher's Pen - Note on Spring Cover Contest

Wow, we've received a lot of great cover entries in the contest! I've a few updates to mention regarding the Spring Cover Contest. 1. I've decided to allow all covers to be reviewed in the last round of judging. So the entries that do not have 20 votes (or more), will be included in the final round (grand prize winner). But that doesn't mean you should stop urging family and friends for votes because there's still the top the viewer vote that gets highlighted in the May issue of the magazine. 2. Remember, one vote per person! 3. We've also opened the contest to Young Adult covers. 4. There's another advantage to winning...I'm designing two buttons to be awarded to the view vote winner and the grand prize winner to display on their blog or web site! Good luck everyone! Scroll down to view the entires.


Bron said...

I'm not in this contest and I don't know anyone in it. I simply judged by the best cover. Some entries seem to have loads of 'anonymous' votes with short time difference between each vote. This smacks to me of one person voting more than once for the same cover. Just my take. Perhaps the rule should be votes from non-anonymous sources only. It seems fairer all around.

DarleneLF said...

Thank you for your comment and concern.

We've also reviewed the amount of 'Anonymous' votes and have a way to handle this so it's fair to all entries. As well, all entries will be judged in the 'grand prize' judges vote, regardless of how many votes they received.