Saturday, December 3, 2011

Between The Pages - Caskets and Corruption

Caskets and Corruption
By Cindy A. Christiansen
Secret Cravings Publishing
July 2011

All portrait artist Lizzie Cantrell wanted was a change in careers to avoid consoling bereaved families and dealing with death. She didn’t know she’d end up stealing a dead body and a casket full of heroin and running from the drug cartel. She also didn't know she’d end up on the 6 o’clock news wanted for grand theft auto, robbery and assault on a police officer. And to top it off, she must deal with her sister's Chinese Crested, stowaway dog and a stiff-necked funeral director to boot.
Buried away as a funeral director for the past two years because of an accident that left him scarred, Phillip Van Dyke finds himself in a grave situation involving a military drug smuggling operation. Worse yet, his accomplice is a beautiful portrait artist who’s managing to exhume the remains of his deceased heart.

Between The Pages of this story is an engaging storyline filled with non-stop action and excitement. The thrill of the chase is a page-turner and puts the reader in every scene. The tiny dog, Sasha, is an added bonus!

Review Rating: 4 Stars

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