Monday, March 26, 2012

Between The Pages - Tattoos, Leather & Studs

Tattoos, Leather & Studs
By Brenda Whiteside
Melange Books
December 2011

Rachael suspects her date, Jason, is a drug dealer, and she’s torn between her attraction for this hot bad boy and running for safety. But a famous rock star vying for her attention and spiked champagne pose far more trouble. On a blind date she’ll never forget, Rachael learns first impressions can lead her down a dangerous path and straight into the arms of love.

Between The Pages of this story is a short story filled with humour and temptation. A blind date and a party Rachael will never forget. The middle of the story is fun with many misunderstandings, but the initial scene where Rachael and Jason are heading to go out and their intimate connection at the end is where these characters really grow. A short, but well written story.

Review Rating: 3.5 Stars

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